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April 25th, 2014
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A solution to steep energy costs
Posted by editor1 in Monday, November 8th, 2010   
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Energy efficient windows offer the perfect solution to the problems that a number of people have faced with the rising energy costs due to the inadequate insulating effect provided by most windows. Most windows actually facilitate the loss of heat energy to or from the outside, interfering with heating and cooling process during winter and summer, and thus translating into astronomical energy costs for the owner of the home.

Energy conservation would definitely fail in the face of the problem of poorly designed windows. Energy loss through windows translates to astronomical energy and electricity costs for the home owner. It has been shown that replacing existing windows with smart materials that insulate the environment of the home can directly result in a lighter energy and electricity bill, and thus a lesser financial burden for the home owner.

The manufacture of energy efficient windows is not complete without its promotion. The public must be made aware of the problems of heating and cooling losses that occur due to windows. This can be done by the trial installation of an energy efficient window in a room, and by studying the reduction in the energy costs of the home during the period.

The reduction in the energy costs would be sizable to say the least. Home owner Kathryn, 34, says “My electricity costs have plummeted by almost $170 per month, and saving up all this money makes me extremely happy”. Environmental activist, Jonathan, 45, is of the opinion that “Apart from the very obvious reduction in the energy expenses, these energy efficient windows lessen the consumption of energy, which translates to the lesser consumption of fossil fuels and a cleaner and greener tomorrow for one and all”. Most places in the world have certain energy codes or regulations that limit and restrict the amount of energy that can be used. Measures like this have been necessitated by the overuse of energy resources, throughout the world, resulting in the depletion of fossil fuels, and throwing the world into an energy crisis of sorts.

All sorts of novel methods are being developed to limit the consumption of energy, and energy efficient windows are one such solution. Energy efficient windows have been widely accepted by people all over the world, who have noticed a marked reduction in their monthly, and eventually, yearly energy expenses as a result of the installation of these smart and energy efficient windows.

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3 Users Response In This Post

November 13th 2010 at 7:11 am    

a purrfect answer to the electricity problems here in US. I was tired of those goddamn bills that sucked up all my income for nothing.

November 13th 2010 at 7:28 am    

I am Lisa and I am really fed up of those darn bills that I pay every month. I cant believe they sap up more than half of my income but looks like I found a savior now.

November 13th 2010 at 7:46 am    

Brilliant idea to chop down energy costs. We certainly have to come out with such greener ideas that can put us in win win situation. I love this concept and support it too.

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